Original Beans

I first started working with Original Beans on a short-term project to help create a new brand voice. One would think chocolate would be a relatively uncomplicated thing about which to write, but in an increasingly crowded market of pricey craft chocolates, communicating the USP becomes even more important. With having to balance key messages of Original Beans’ quality, its sourcing from the earth’s rarest places and the conservation efforts of planting a tree for every bar sold replenish rare heirloom cacaos, distilling the messaging hierarchy was the first priority.

Juice by Nature

Warmoesstraat is a busy street jam packed with tourists just off of Amsterdam’s Red Light District. So a juicery and health food cafe may not sound like the most natural fit, but the new spot is quickly becoming an oasis of good food and a reminder that life is all about balance. I had a great time developing the brand voice and writing the website and promotional collateral. And a healthy time, too, as researching cleanses inspired me to quit caffeine. This decision perhaps would have been smarter to make after the deadline I was on, but I fell victim…